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3DE by JA Experience

Recommended for Grades 9-12

3DE is made possible through a unique partnership between the national 3DE team, Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), and regional businesses and professionals.

The curriculum will be rolled out one grade level at a time, in one of two ways-either for an entire school or as a "school within a school" that runs parallel to the traditional curriculum.

This approach makes use of existing FWCS resources while creating opportunity for ALL students-to ultimately transform secondary education throughout the entire school system. Along the way, the national 3DE team will provide ongoing resources and support, including curriculum development, case study design, case partner onboarding, instructional support, and teacher training and coaching.

In the 3DE model, teachers and students are grouped into small cohorts, which builds a sense of connection, camaraderie, and trust. 3DE coursework is interconnected, supported by an interdisciplinary team of five to eight teachers. This close-knit, self-contained structure gives students the opportunity to fail safely and "fail up," which boosts their confidence and engagement.

3DE encourages student collaboration through small group discussions and facilitated debates. This approach boosts social and emotional skills, gives students an active role in their learning, and closely mimics the real world-to more fully prepare students for a future in the workforce.

Learning and curriculums are built around real-world, real-time business case challenges from regional and national companies. This approach connects students with local business professionals, exposes them to life outside the classroom, prepares them for entry into the workforce, and makes lessons more relevant, memorable,
and engaging.

In-depth business case challenges form the foundation of the 3DE approach. By centering an interdisciplinary curriculum around these case challenges, 3DE boosts comprehension, teaches 21st­ century competencies, and doubles the learning opportunities of a traditional classroom. Core academics-like math, science, history and English-are applied to real-world scenarios, making them memorable, approachable, and relevant. The 3DE model helps students develop valuable skills by encouraging creativity, cultural agility, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and self-direction.

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3DE - Metro Milwaukee Area

For more information about the 3DE - Metro Milwaukee Area program, visit the 3DE - Metro Milwaukee Area program page.


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